Black in Gerontology & Geriatrics (BIGG) is an organization that was born to address the systemic inequities found in aging research/teaching/practice by focusing on three primary pillars – community, advocacy, and accountability. Share your opportunities with us, info@blackingeron.org 

UMass Boston Gerontology Faculty Position

UMass Boston Gerontology department is searching to hire a tenure-track assistant professor who does research in the area of aging and health equity.

  • Research agendas should be in the aging and health arena, with topics that include but are not limited to cognitive aging and dementia, healthcare utilization, long-term services and supports, health behaviors, and behavioral health. For more information, visit here

Scripps Gerontology Center, Miami University, OH

Scripps Gerontology Center is currently looking for an Assistant/Associate Director of Strategic Communications and a Senior Research Assistant/Research Associate/Senior Research Associate. For more details and to apply, visit: 

Brain Health Equity Training Programs (CLOSED)

  • The Atlantic Fellows for Equity in Brain Health program are currently recruiting fellows. Interested folks can learn more and access the portal here. This program will be entering its 8th year when the new class starts in 2023. They have trained over 200 Atlantic Fellows from over 40 countries and continue to accompany the Fellows to obtain funding for their work. Applicants come from diverse discipline that includes doctors, neuroscientists, artists, anthropologists, economists, photographers and many more. They are typically early career but with stable positions to return to. Application deadline is October 5.


  • There is a new UCSF-based post doctorate program in Brain Health Equity (flier attached). This program is geared toward US citizen post-doctorates who would benefit from the rich research environment of our memory and aging programs across multiple departments at UCSF. They will also participate as an Atlantic Fellow. However, unlike the 12-month Atlantic fellowship, they can provide up to 3 years of support for those in the post-doctorate program (T32 funded). They have two post-doctorates starting this year and are recruiting for the summer/fall of 2023. Interested applicants should email Valcour@ucsf.edudirectly.

Travel Awards for Advanced Students/Early Career Researchers  (CLOSED)

“Pathways to Equity-Based Aging Research and Practice”

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 02, 2022 Indianapolis, Indiana

The pre-conference workshop will convene advanced students and early career researchers, practitioners, and advocates interested in addressing epistemic harm that can be perpetuated through research and practice. Participants will broaden their perspectives on new and emerging trends in equity-based research and practice, which will highlight how addressing these trends can assist in recalibrating their research programs and clinical practice. 

The workshop, Pathways to Equity-Based Aging Research and Practice,” will be held on November 02, 2022, from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, in Indianapolis, Indiana. This interactive workshop will include small group sessions with diverse speakers who will share their experiences with incorporating an equity lens in their research design and clinical practice, working with community stakeholders, non-harmful reporting of research findings, and grant mechanisms that have been successful in furthering their research careers. In addition, the workshop will foster networking and build connections among participants and panelists. 

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