Mission Statement

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Amplifying Black Excellence in Aging Research, Teaching, & Practice

We work with groups, and organizations to create "brave" spaces and provide social support for Black people in the field of aging

We provide guidance and professional development opportunities to BIGGs

We engage with communities to achieve sustainable outcomes, equitable decision-making processes, and deepen relationships and trust between the field of aging and our communities

We are stronger together. We recognize the importance of connecting with ally partners (those who do not identify as BIGG but support our mission) to determine startegies and opportunities to work together with the goal of increasing diversity in organizations and spaces.



Ally Engagement

Community Engagement

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Our mission is to bring together Black researchers, industry professionals, and students in the field of aging, and to mutually support one another as we navigate academic, corporate and entrepreneurial paths to success. We will advocate for more diversity, inclusion, and equity within the organizations that we live and work in  and amplify our collective voices as we call for social justice.