In collaboration with HBCU Alliance at GSA, we hosted our second preconference workshop at GSA, titled: Bringing Focus on Minoritized and HBCU-trained Scholars and Practitioners in the Field of Aging.

§  The 1.5-day pre-conference workshop at the annual Gerontological Society of America conference facilitated connections and promoted relationship-building opportunities for scholars from HBCUs and Predominantly White Institutions (PWIs). It promoted cross-disciplinary and institutional collaboration and communication among researchers, supported trainees and early career investigators, and established wider scientific, clinical, and public awareness of Black health and aging trends. Participants broadened their perspectives on new and emerging trends in equity-based research and practice in Black communities, highlighting how addressing these trends can assist in recalibrating their research programs and clinical practice. This interactive workshop featured diverse speakers who are alum and/or have a current affiliation with an HBCU, who will share their experiences incorporating an equity lens in their research design and clinical practice, working with community stakeholders, non-harmful reporting of research findings, and grant mechanisms that have been successful in furthering their research careers.


§  Confirmed Speakers (in no particular order):

·      Tamara Baker, PhD – University of North Carolina

·      Kalisha Bonds Johnson, PhD – Emory University

·      Fayron Epp, PhD – Emory University

·      Roland Thorpe Jr., PhD – Johns Hopkins University

.   James Appleby ScD – Chief Executive Officer of GSA

.   Melissa Gerald, PhD – National Institute on Aging

.   Staja Booker, PhD – University of Florida

.   Amy Thierry, PhD – Xavier University Louisiana

.   Darlingtina Esiaka, PhD – University of Kentucky College of Medicine

.   Antonius Skipper, PhD – Georgia State University

.   Candidus Nwakasi, PhD – University of Connecticut